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Dark Grape Amethyst necklace




Materials:sterling silver (925), amethyst
Dimensions:“bunch of grape” length 3.5cm (1.4″); chain length 50cm (19.7″)


Product Description

The necklace made of sterling silver and amethyst beads. The silver vine winds up the chain just like the real vine would do and reminds elven weaving patterns. The bunch of grape descends down the chest adding a tempting hint enforced by the association with the real fruit full of sweetness and juiciness. Anyone’s mouth would be watered at the sight of this piece on your chest.

It will perfectly suit your gorgeous evening look, as amethyst is a prosperity stone. It will help you to exude confident dignity and inner power, as purple color symbolize royalty and nobility, and amethyst itself is known for its abilities to provide calm and balance.

It will also add a hint of magic, not only because of vine weaving elven pattern of the whole piece, but also as purple color symbolizes magic and mystery, and amethyst is known not only for its calming abilities, but is a stone which connects material and spiritual worlds and considered to be able to enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds.

So it may be another reason to add the necklace to your costume in elven, faerie or medieval style. And it may be good to fit victorian style outfit – so it’s great for steampunkers too.

It is for you if you won’t stay unnoticed and want to create a noble yet tempting look!

Additional Information

Weight 0.290 kg
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 5.5 cm