About me… and you!

Hello, my name is Ira Lifshitz. I represent the MALLORN brand and create jewelry offered on this website.

Why do we wear jewelry?  Many of us do it to embellish ourselves, add a finishing touch to a personal image, emphasizing our charm and hiding possible imperfections.

My jewelry is different in nature.  In addition to the above, it lifts you to another world – a world of fantasy and magic that seems to say to us: ‘Not only children are allowed to dream and believe in miracles.” We as adults are also capable of playing and fantasizing, and creating our own reality – in which we are a little different than in that “real” life of ours.

A woman, who wears my jewelry, believes in miracles just as I do. And from time to time she wants to be magical.  Who is she – a fairy drawn by her imagination? She is bright, romantic, with her inner strength and self-esteem. Attractive, sensual, sometimes controversial, but always true to herself and others.

I think, this image is close to many of us.  However, it is not so simple to be this woman in the daily life.   . We all need a little help with bringing Magic into our lives.  So the primary goal of my works is helping you to become this kind of a woman. At least for some period of time.

Each piece of my jewelry has its own history, represents a certain idea or association. You put it on and…the miracle happens! You transform – a woman from a magical fairy tale, beautiful and unforgettable.

I must confess: I don’t create “simple” jewelry.  I do not see the point. Every piece of my jewelry is vivid and remarkable. That is why wearing my creations requires certain courage. It draws attention and singles you out of the crowd. It makes you feel prominent, bright and special. If you enjoy this feeling, well, go for it!

I invite you into my world of magic and uniqueness, in which miracles come to life. Be my guest and feel this magic with me.