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Elven Butterfly Pink set


Materials:yellow gold 14K, sterling silver, pink tourmaline.
Dimensions:pendant 5.6cm (2.2″); chain length 45cm (17.7″), earring length 7.3cm (2.9″)


Product Description

Dangling earrings and matching pendant, created with combination of sterling silver and 14K gold and with pink tourmaline gemstones.

Thanks to the pink tourmaline, this set is even more feminine version of Elven Butterfly set, then the Clear one.

The elven theme is strongly presented in the whole design of this set. Ethereal form and interlacing lines of silver and gold turns it to be a pure magic – the elven magic! And the pink gems look as a vessel which accumulates a very feminine energy and keeps it inside glowing and giving you the power to be an enchantress.

They will look glamorous on you: very delicate, yet powerful and also very romantic!

The pendant on a chain from this set might be worn traditionally – around your neck, or as a headpiece.

Additional Information

Weight 0.220 kg
Dimensions 11.5 x 11.5 x 7 cm